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Angie Leona

Angie Leona

On a journey to find God in the least likely of places.


Hi there! Welcome to my small little corner of the world. I’m glad we’ve found each other!

I am a lover of coffee shops, deep conversations, and the moon. Nothing excites my heart more than to find a warm latte in my hands, a friend across the table from me, and talk Jesus and life and heartbreak.

I am unashamedly a follower of Christ, and my life is built on nothing less – so within my words I pray you find His redemptive touch, His grace, and most importantly His love.

I would love to hear from you! Maybe someday we will find ourselves resting in that coffee shop, conversations softly making their way across the table. But for now, send me a note or find me on Facebook. I would love to hear from you.

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My most recent thoughts


I’d written the letter in the safe confines of my journal. With the initial written across the page, I wrote the words as they mixed with tears. I’m a letter writer, but some letters are best left unsent.

It had been a movie of all things, on a winter February afternoon, that had made the tears stream and my hands reach for my journal. It was only a few lines spoken to a grieving woman by her friend. “All of us live with ghosts,” she’d said, as she sat on the bed where her friend lay. “We must learn to live with them.

Get up. Eat. Get out there.” And with a pregnant pause I’m sure I’ve added in my memory for effect, she added, “Spring is waiting.”

Spring is waiting.

Sometimes people become ghosts. Dreams become ghosts. Hopes become ghosts.

And there’s a lot of time we find ourselves lying in that bed, holding onto them as if they are real. And we think that if we hang onto those ghosts, and who we were, somehow the world doesn’t change. It won’t go on without us.


But it does. And we miss it, if we stay with those ghosts. We miss it, if we hold onto the former things.

It wouldn’t be until months later, on a street somewhere in the city, the Holy Spirit would visit and say words that would shake me to the core. “You can’t leave something behind unless you believe what is ahead is far greater.” I get caught up in loss sometimes, you see. Maybe we all do. But I let ghosts cloud my vision and I need to hear those words from that movie months ago:

spring is waiting.

It’s waiting. And spring is beautiful, and glorious, because new life is there. New life that we miss if we hold onto the ghosts.

But the beautiful thing about life is that we learn. We learn to live with the ghosts.  

So get up. Eat. Get out there.

Spring is waiting.