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Mental Health

my why.

This month in Angelic Magazine I wrote a vulnerable piece about being a child of divorce. It was birthed out of a moment at my dad’s wedding, post-vows and post-reception. Just me, God, and my broken story. I knew it would hurt some people to […]

Holding Broken Pieces

Holding Broken Pieces

I had been looking at it all wrong. Holding these broken pieces in my hand, I’d let them define the story. I’d let them become who I was. I’d let them label me unworthy, failure, incompetent. When all along they’d been broken pieces in need of a […]

The Soul Feels Its Worth

Tears threaten to fall and I lean forward, head in my palms, feeling the tear make its way down the side of my cheek. Say what you want, but that first tear? Always a dangerous sign that more are to follow. I can feel it […]

Blank Pages

It is always the blank page that is terrifying to me. The beginning. When there’s emptiness, needing to be filled, where does one start? How does one know what is to come, where the words will take you, what they will say? It starts with […]

Pills of Grace

Little yellow pills of grace, I call them. I tell her about them as we walk along James Street, heels hurting our feet, fall wind blowing our hair around us. I tell her the story of the nurse’s hand, of the time I resisted swallowing […]

The Other Side of Fear

I moved to Toronto a few weeks ago. It was hardly a move across the world, or a move worthy of a tractor trailer (well, don’t ask my dad that question) – but it was a move nonetheless. It required summoning up some deep breaths, […]

The Remembering

On a night when I feel less than remembered, when I feel despair and the familiar pangs of depression, the memories of him I’d left behind – He asks me – reminds me – “Think of all the ways that I have remembered you.” I get out of the […]

It Doesn’t Win.

When I turn to face her, she is already gone. She stands before me, hands on the counter in front of her, body arched towards the sink. Her eyes are up, her face forward, reflecting back at her in the mirror. The dark grey hair […]

Rain & Snow.

Rain. I walked out of the door and into the soft drizzle. A melodic, spring-like rain in the middle of December. It should have been snow. Snow. Making everything new in its wild, beautiful way – but instead, it was rain. And it fell on […]

The One Who Weeps

  The sunglasses weren’t big enough like I had hoped they would be. They didn’t hide the tears; they simply masked them. They weren’t helpful in getting rid of the red, puffy eyes, or silencing the curse words I muttered under my breath. They weren’t […]