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Mental Health

I promise.

Dear Angie, It feels strange to write my name on these pages. But a name – hearing it out loud – I think implies being known. Remembered. Seen. So Angie. I am writing this letter in my dining room, having eaten my breakfast of avocados […]

Finding Hope at 1 a.m.

Last night I watched each hour pass me by. 11 p.m. Midnight. 1 a.m. I tossed and turned and pulled the duvet over me, and off again. I stared at my favorite white light reflecting in the windows from the snow.

With a Thankful Heart

The other day I asked all of my clients to say something they were thankful for. Even with dementia, they all answered honestly – whether it was what was in front of them, the person next to them, or simply for that day. I was […]

Let Me Tell You a Story

I’m going to tell you a story. Sit tight. Pull up a cozy chair. Curl your hands around a warm cup of coffee. It was a reserve up in Northern Canada, with 1300 Native Canadians calling it home. Alcoholism was rampant; there was only one […]

Living in the Land of Should

I have a confession to make. I live in this land called “Should.” It’s not a place I’m happy to be in. In fact, it causes me a lot of stress. I spend more time “should-ing” – stressing over what I should be doing – instead […]

On Suicide, Depression, and Swallowing My Pride

I was thirteen when it happened. I woke up to yellow tape across the street, darkness heavy in the air. It was a blue shed where he had done it, and although I never saw the inside of the shed, I could easily imagine how […]

I Looked for Love in Your Eyes

I think if there is one thing that has been on my heart lately, it is how much our sin affects those around us. I think we like to live in the imaginary world that the sin we commit only harms our hearts, our lives, […]

Pornography is NOT the Problem

As many of you may or may not know, I have been researching for my Honors thesis in the area of female pornography use and its effects.  It’s been a highly enlightening journey as I’ve spent hours reading, researching, and writing. I am not done […]