Letting Go and Being Okay.

Oh my darling –

You’ll be okay. If no one will whisper that to you, because we live in a world that shouts, let me be the one to tell you: you’ll be okay.

You’ll be okay if he is not the one to make you soup when you are sick, or keeps you awake late into the night because your voice is what he wants to keep hearing.

And here’s the other thing: you can’t make him be that. You can’t talk to him enough, persuade him enough to be the one for you.

And you need to stop trying. You can’t make someone be what they aren’t. You’ve spent a lifetime trying to earn love, to make someone care, to make someone else’s heart dance.

But the thing is my friend, that’s not how life works. You don’t get to control others’ hearts. You can choose who you commit to love, to show up for, to keep hoping for – but you can’t control that in someone else.

And oh my darling, I know: it is the hardest thing, letting go of the ways we try to play God.

But you can, and you will, and it will be scary and beautiful and you’ll tell the story in the ways your eyes dance free and your prayers are sweet and surrendered.

I promise.

Always yours,