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my why.

This month in Angelic Magazine I wrote a vulnerable piece about being a child of divorce. It was birthed out of a moment at my dad’s wedding, post-vows and post-reception. Just me, God, and my broken story. I knew it would hurt some people to […]

She prays as she walks

On that street – the one with the busy cars, the summer breeze drifting around, the storm clouds simmering in the distance – she prays as she walks. Her words are a caress, a salve to the sting of words that have made their way […]


On a table in the corner we both sit. Words are sparse, and we both know that we aren’t the same as the last time we stood in front of each other. You’re quiet; I’m quiet. Deep breaths – we sit in the weariness together. […]

The Soul Feels Its Worth

Tears threaten to fall and I lean forward, head in my palms, feeling the tear make its way down the side of my cheek. Say what you want, but that first tear? Always a dangerous sign that more are to follow. I can feel it […]

Pills of Grace

Little yellow pills of grace, I call them. I tell her about them as we walk along James Street, heels hurting our feet, fall wind blowing our hair around us. I tell her the story of the nurse’s hand, of the time I resisted swallowing […]

Broken Cracks

To the one who feels left behind –  I sit in the old wooden pew, the stained glass reaching up to the sky above me. It’s dreary outside – rain softly making its way into swirling puddles below. The umbrella shields us from the rain, […]

Broken Cake Moments

Today we iced a cake, she and I. I stood on one side of the counter, she on the other, and we dipped rounded knives into chocolate icing and swirled it onto the cake. It crumbled apart, and when we attempted to put on the […]

El Salvador

It was a conversation on one of the hottest days, under a canopy in a back yard, food on a table behind and loud chatter around. I’d written the days into my story, pencilled my plans into the calendar, and then life shifted and changed […]

When Beauty Is Right There

We walked into the barn, straw beneath our feet, cool dampness in the air. The heat was held back outside, behind the thick, whitewashed walls. The stalls stood empty, long since vacated by the cows that had once made this place their home. Cobwebs stretched […]

Dear Dad

Dear Dad, Today I sat in the backyard, mosquitoes at my side, green leaves above me. The green leaves were dancing, touching one another and running away. I watched them for awhile. I took a picture, but it didn’t do it justice – so I […]