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I’d written the letter in the safe confines of my journal. With the initial written across the page, I wrote the words as they mixed with tears. I’m a letter writer, but some letters are best left unsent. It had been a movie of all […]

A Story Bigger Than Me

I visited their graves today. Stirling and Daryl. Sometimes I stumble over their names because they aren’t used very often. I don’t even know how to refer to them, really. Do I refer to them as my grandparents? As my Dad’s parents? Stories of their […]

Those Hands of Loss

It’s at the top of the stairs I find myself falling, falling into the hands of loss. It finds me in these strange places. There is makeup to be put on, my bag to be unpacked, my rain jacket to be found. But I can’t […]

A Grace Disguised

There’s a part of my life that I am very open with. In fact, I’ve always considered myself good at talking about circumstances, but not always very good at talking about what’s going in my heart. Two years ago, a new chapter began in my […]