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I’d written the letter in the safe confines of my journal. With the initial written across the page, I wrote the words as they mixed with tears. I’m a letter writer, but some letters are best left unsent. It had been a movie of all […]


She sends me the email on a fall day, when the yellow leaves are crunching beneath my boots. The stroller in front of me, I feel the vibration and I open her words. Entrust. The word stands out in the middle of her email, a […]

In the Passenger Seat

I watch the condos slip by us, one by one. A Christmas tree glistens through the glass windows, and I have to smile. October 30 – too soon? Never.  I see the couple in the car that we pass, and I wonder when they fell in […]

Silence & Wine

God and I, we met at the kitchen table. Fruit and napkins between us, I would pull out my journal and Bible and I would pray into the silence. And all I would hear in return was the blinds hitting against each other in the […]

Two Feet In

Dear Friend, You’ve moved a lot these past few years. You’ve packed things into boxes, booked plane tickets, filled the cars. You’ve held new keys and opened fresh pages to a chapter. But the thing is – and I am learning – you have to be […]


He puts the needles in, one by one down my leg. There’s a tap, a pinch, and then release. I see him out of the corner of my eye pick up an old machine and attach wires, and in a moment the pulsing of my […]

Letting Go & Letting In

You ask me late one night how to let go. Midnight has slipped by us, and the blue message stares up at me boldly. How do I let go? I’ve prayed that question more times than I can count. When chapters ended. When boxes were packed […]


“I think your heart must be mending,” she says as I dance past her. Toes on the floor, hands up, I float by her, collapsing into the chair beside her own. I look at her recently done hair, the eyes hidden behind the glasses. She […]

it’s not my job.

I wrote you letters, you know. Tucked in my journal, whispered in prayers, scrawled in daydreams. They were the love letters I would never send, the words I thought were so easily whispered in movies and novels but never found their way out of my […]

Letting Go and Being Okay.

Oh my darling – You’ll be okay. If no one will whisper that to you, because we live in a world that shouts, let me be the one to tell you: you’ll be okay. You’ll be okay if he is not the one to make […]