With a Thankful Heart

The other day I asked all of my clients to say something they were thankful for. Even with dementia, they all answered honestly – whether it was what was in front of them, the person next to them, or simply for that day. I was blessed to hear parts of their heart.

I was carrying this moment with me when I shared a struggle with my mentor. My depression has gotten so much better – my medication is simply, to me, a sign of God’s beautiful grace. But it’s still there. And I wrestle with that because I long to go back to feeling normal. And I wrestle with the why, and the how, and I fight the urge to figure it all out. And even more so, to fix it by myself.

And so she gently reminded me. “You need to be thankful,” she said to me. “Be thankful for what the Lord already has done. Look back and remember.”

thankful heart

Just like my clients, I needed to be reminded to be thankful. Because with a thankful heart … even amidst darkness or struggle … it points back to Jesus and how He redeems. Our eyes are no longer on our loss and circumstance – but on the One who is faithful at all times.

So I am rejoicing for this weekend, the reminder to be thankful. That we have the opportunity to gather, over meals filled with turkey and stuffing, to be thankful.

But more than that – may this day of Thanksgiving be a reminder that thankfulness should not rest on one day a year. But may it be overarching our lives – our work, our families, our solitude. 

May each day I whisper thanks that although I am not completely healed I am still whole. Because He holds me, shaping me, moulding me. I am a part of a bigger Story than I can even see or comprehend.

May each day I be amazed at the wonders of this body I have, that He breathes each breath of life into me. May I thank Him that He knows my days and provides for me all that I need. May I honour Him with every step, every touch, and every word.

May each day I thank Him that He is always faithful. He loves me deeply. He calls to me when I turn away. He holds my right hand in every valley of the shadow of death, that I may fear no evil – for He is with me.

Please join me in prayers of thankfulness. Give thanks to the Lord for He is good and His love endures forever.